Your pool and spill-over spa specialists serving Guelph and area.

Why A Wyndham Pool?

Welcome to Wyndham Pool and Spa, serving Guelph and area with over 40 years of experience. 

If you’re thinking of building a pool in 2020, consider Wyndham Pools for your project.

  • Quality is built into every pool project
  • Heavy duty 14 gauge galvanized steel panels
  • Premium 30 gauge vinyl liner
  • Complete double-deck bracing system surrounding pool
  • 2-stage cement bottom application
  • Designate lines for skimmer, main drain, automatic pool vacuum and spa ultra step-jets
  • Concrete cantilever coping system
  • Steps and spill-over spas applications
  • Double track coping system
  • Complete pool accessories including automatic pool cleaner, salt chlorination system, gas heater, pool lighting, solar blanket and roller

Jeff & Ron Ferarro

"We researched many pool installation companies before settling on Wyndham Pool and Spa simply because of the overwhelming number of positive referrals from friends and neighbours. All aspects of the design and installation were professionally handled by Ron and his crew. They communicated the timeline and cost so there were no surprises - except how much we enjoyed the end result!"
Cheryl and Doug
Home Owners
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