About Us

Our goal is not just to build your pool, but also to help you through every step of the selection, planning, and design process.

We are locally owned and family operated business whose philosophy is to complete one pool before beginning another.


With 43 years of swimming pool construction and pool service comes the knowledge and experience to realize what could go wrong if your pool is not built properly; and with the owners of Wyndham Pool on site throughout the entire construction process, our clients are assured that “corners are not cut” to meet installation deadlines which equates to many years of worry-free enjoyment with their pools.

As the recipient of the prestigious manufacturer’s award for “Pool of the Year”, Wyndham Pool & Spa Limited has been rewarded for its competitive pricing, its superior installation, and its outstanding client service.


Each year up until 2017, Kafco awarded the Platinum Pool of the year award for design and landscaping.

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